Sunday, 18 January 2015

The West and Fashion :p

For this weeks blog post I have chosen the subject of the fashion of the west and how it has become mainstream in modern life, through the website

Where in the times of the classic west clothing was worn only because it lasted the wear and tear of their harsh environment, it has now become more about fashion with designer boots and hats for all to buy. In the modern day the clothing worn by the pioneers of the west has become symbol for those who are hard working, rural and and proud to be of southern heritage. This shown in the website by the language it uses to describe the person you could become through the clothing, as it says you can go from "City-slicker" to "Wrangler, Cruel Girl, Rocky Mountain, Cinch, Petrol, Lawman, Stetson, Roper, Ruddock, Cowgirl Tuff, Scully, Ariat, Heart and Crowns". There does seem to be an overwhelming amount of sub-text throughout the site claiming you will become incredibly more masculine just by owning the traditional garments.  

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