Friday, 16 January 2015

The West

I've decided to look at the website I decided to look at this website because it offers a wide range of different items that are connected to the west (as the websites name suggests) It sells itself by saying that  "Western decor is all about 

spunk and spirit, bringing together the desert beauty of 

the southwest with rugged cowboy charm and rustic good 

looks." . So rather than focusing on the old west as 

being a cut throat world where you went to gain your 

fortune by working hard or even killing to get somewhere, they're 

focusing on the west as a fashion statement in the modern world. They 

sell a range of items from necklaces, wall art, bed covers and much more. I feel 

that this website show that the west is still relevant today, but in a much 

different way than before. In the 50's it was seen that the Cowboy way of life 

was one that was desired, TV shows and film showed the west as being a place 

where the good guy would win and everything would be lovely, Kids would dress 

up as cowboy and indians and play. While today it seems that the 'fashion' of 

the west is  much more desirable. To be wearing a Native American style 

necklace or a piece of clothing with a gun on it is the way that the western has 

survived and is living today, Which to me is a shame.  

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