Monday, 2 February 2015

Catherine Sager Pringle Across The Plans in 1844

I have chosen to study the diary of Miss C. Pringle and her journey following her father, Mother and her six other siblings. Their travels begin  from Ohio to Missouri and from there to travel across the plains to arrive in central Oregon during the times of 1844. I will be focusing on the Waiillatpu massacre, 1847.

In this time the Pringle family are emigrating through the mountains where they stumble upon large amounts of Native Americans, through this contact we can study the devastation that disease brought through immigration towards the native people as some  had never been exposed to such illness there was no natural defense in the natives immune system resulting in high amounts of casualties and in some cases tribes to be pushed on the brink of extinction.   
She also notes the behaviors of Native Americans towards the Christian missionaries, claiming their minds were to savage to see the difference between Catholicism and the protestants. Especially after the missionaries blamed their lack of faith for the reason why the diseases were effecting them so, the Natives become "hostile".

After a while of back and forth with the catholic church the Natives become restless and began attacking travelers to protect their lands in one case it resulted in the a local doctors house where Miss Pringle and two of her brothers were staying to be almost over whelmed by a horde of Natives resulting in many casualties on both sides. From this you could see the paradoxical nature of how the practice of preaching religion was used during these times.  

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