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The Shoshone

The Shoshone 

The Shoshone (also know and the Shoshoni) tribe occupied the western states of California, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and Utah. They lived in areas that were often difficult to survive in. They were attacked by both the elements and other Native Tribes. They became known for raiding other tribes and stealing their horses, and created a lot of enemies that way. In 1875 they were given protected land by President Grant yet in 1905 they faced their own "trail of tears" when they were moved to the reservation on the snake rivers of Idaho. althought it is stated that 
The Shoshone are split into three different divisions. Western Shoshone, Northern Shoshone and Eastern Shoshone.  
The Shoshone attacked many settlements in the north and more specifically Idaho where Chief Pocatello of the Northern Shoshone attacked many migrants from the north as he was worried about the impact they would have. 
The website is intact rather outdates, but as of 2003 the Shoshone had not been a federally recognised tribe,yet as of 2015 they are.

The shoshone are often remembered because of Sacagawea and their involvement in
Lewis andClarks exploration of the west in the early 1800's. Although this is the case, I found it hard to find much more information on this tribe which is odd because it is one of a very few I can name and tell people about before I had researched them. 

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