Sunday, 8 March 2015

Chapter 14 - Indian Camp

1) The hardships that are portrayed in this chapter mostly consist of a natural source, for instance they complain about the relentless heat killing of most of the vegetation.

2) The girls view on the Native Americans seems to be very out of character for a protagonist based in a western novel, as the girls are very at peace with the Natives in this chapter, when they are asked if they would like to see the Indian camp there is nothing but excitement. The Natives are seen as something to learn and to explore from the girls prospective.

3)   The role of Gender is very consistent with the genre as Ma is left to make supper and to milk the cows, whilst Pa accompanies the girls to the Indian camp as a guide and protection. The girls themselves don't portray a feminist role in this chapter, when they arrive at the camp they are distracted by the beads they find on the floor and are more attentive to collecting them rather than exploring the camp itself.

4) The book "Little House on the Prairie" is designed to be a book for children with easily understood language but helps many readers to understand the difficulties the pioneers of the west suffered through.    

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