Sunday, 29 March 2015

Immigration For and Against


ACLU stands for the "American Civil Liberties Union", this website stand for the defense of all immigrants legal or illegal, making sure racial profiling is held back and citizens of the United States know what they are entitled to. The website mostly stresses of the overwhelming power the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) have and how some of the recent laws that have been passed infringe on the constitution. An example for this would be the immigration raids that have begun to search for illegal immigrants this has led to the breaking of the 4th Amendment the protection against unreasonable search and seizures, not to mention this has led to massive racial profiling in the policing of the states with connected borders to Mexico with 429,000 people held in detention in 2011 with little evidence of any illegal immigration. The organisation runs solely on donations with no government backing and was formed in the 1920s to protect the freedom of speech and help African-American and Women's rights. The website itself is divided into each social issue that effects the American people stating "So long as we have enough people in this country willing to fight for their rights, we'll be called a democracy". Though Immigration is not their soul cause they are fighting it does feature on their front page and their resources seem to be vase. 

 AIC stands for "Americans for Immigration Control" founded in the 1980's it claims "AIC is an American non-partisan grassroots activist organisation with more than a quarter of a million members citizens of all races, creeds and colours". Though this is true the way in which it describes the people they are trying to prevent access to the United states in worrying as in many places you find the word Alien, though many people from Mexico come from Latino decent making them closer ti this North American the majority of the American population.

The main difference between the AIC and the ACLU  is the support from the State as the website boast of the amount of representatives that endorse this pressure group. The groups main fear is the population will become to much for the country to handle, so its way of combating this is to ban the rest of the world from coming in.

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