Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

The home page of the CJCLDS website prominently features a slideshow of four photos of smiling people, with brief heart-warming descriptions of them and their happiness brought by being part of the Mormon church. An additional fifth slide shows a painting of Jesus, and offers the visitor to learn more about Him.

The menu bar across the top of the page lists: people, values, beliefs, visit, FAQ, and blog.

  • The People page allows the visitor to view a gallery of existing Mormon profiles, search this gallery by filters such as age and gender, and contact members of the church either via live chat or over the phone.
  • The Values page features information on "cultural priorities", such as the importance of marriage and family, freedom of choice, and missionary work. The section on missionary work ends with links to find a church, meet missionaries, live chat with church members, or order a Book of Mormon.
  • The Beliefs page highlights the beliefs of the church that differentiate them from the other churches, such as Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration of the Gospel.
  • The Visit page again directs the visitor to find a church and/or get in touch with church members and missionaries.
  • The FAQ page provides an extensive list of questions one might have about the CJCLDS. Each question comes with an official answer from the church, along with several personal answers from church members. This variety of answers offers an interesting array of Mormon perspectives.
  • The Blog page offers blog posts on topics such as online resources for bible study, parenting/marriage tips, scripture analysis, and the meaning of being Christian and/or Mormon.

The website is extremely informative, particularly with the FAQ section, and is clearly aimed towards recruiting people to join the church and to follow Jesus. There is a large emphasis on family and community, demonstrated with the section allowing visitors to look at profiles and stories of Mormons, and the constant encouragement to find a church and communicate with church members. Many of the FAQ answers and the information on the 'values' page discuss family and a commitment to marriage and children, illustrating the emphasis on family.

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