Sunday, 1 March 2015

Analysis Anna Yezierka short stories

The moral Lesson in the story The Lost 'Beautifulness' is one that can be seen as keeping your success to your self. Hanneh Heyyeh Earns some extra money by working some extra work. With the money she decorates her kitchen before her son returns home. Being so proud of what she's done she shows everyone she knows her beautiful home. This leads the landlord to believe that she is richer than she is and  uses it as an opportunity to up her rent that and the fact that she has improved a house leads to her being evicted because she can't pay her rent.

I feel that the moral of the story is that you should always be humble in your success. Hanneh shows of her kitchen to everyone because she is proud that she has worked hard and was able to afford paint to make her room better. But buy doing this she has done two things. Shown the landlord that she has money to decorate her room (Which she doesn't) She also has improved something that wasn't her. She is naive to the way that American businessmen will treat tenants to get a profit. The Moral of the story is that you can't be 

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  1. A bit thin and no comparative story from the West