Monday, 23 March 2015

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America

The 'Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America'; The Orthodox Church embodies and expresses the rich spiritual treasures of Eastern Christianity. The website goes by the name of ''.

 The website layout is fairly amateur and is at times, hard to navigate and understand. However the website is quite frankly 'loaded' with information surrounding the 'Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America' faith; It even has its own online chapel that comes completes with social media tools that allow an individual to 'share' or even 'like' the faith.

In terms of how this faith defines itself as particularly 'American', the following is said on their website: "Many Orthodox Christians in America proudly trace their ancestry to the lands and cultures of Europe and Asia, but the Orthodox Church in the United States can no longer be seen as an immigrant Church. While the Orthodox Church contains individuals from numerous ethnic and cultural backgrounds, the majority of her membership is composed of persons who have been born in America" Taking note of how they say the United States can no longer be seen as an immigrant church, one could suggest that faith wishes to express themselves through the exclusivity of only Americans. By being a faith in which a majority of the people are American, the  'Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Of America' become something of a national pride and a unique way in which one can express their love of their nation and their faith.

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