Sunday, 15 March 2015

Seventh-day Adventist Church


The Seventh-day Adventist is a denomination of the protestant founded in 1863 in Michigan. They  believe in the second coming of Jesus. It has over 18 million members. The church has a focus on a holistic understanding of the body with emphasis on diet and health with members encouraged to be vegetarian. Members are also encouraged to dress conservatively  Adventists refrain from getting body piercing, tattoos and even from wearing jewelry.

Their website is fairly modern there are links to social media accounts such as Facebook and twitter and the website has a drop down menu which allows you to change the language on the website. There is various information about church services and petitions on the homepage; such as ending violence towards women, but there are also links to information about what to expect when Jesus returns which are more hidden on the website and are accessed through following various links . The website is generally well maintained with no broken links or outdated information.

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