Sunday, 29 March 2015

Pro- and Anti-Immigration

Pro: ImmigrationWorks USA

ImmigrationWorks USA:
The home page of the website uses a red, white, and blue colour scheme, indicating a patriotic leaning. The slideshow which draws the visitor's attention gives the website a professional appearance. The slides point the visitor to various pages they may be most interesting in, such as: how immigration affects businesses, the relation between Republicans and Latinos, and the testimony of an immigrant who has been helped by the organisation.

The home page also features news such as debunking the job-stealing immigrant myth, and reports of what political leaders such as Jed Bush and Barack Obama have said on the topic of immigration. The website features many useful and easy-to-find links, such as a donate button, how to get involved, and a menu which directs the visitor to what they may be most interested in, such as the aims of the organisation, information on immigration, and contact information.

Anti: NumbersUSA

The home page of this website is fit for a wider screen, and has a lot more information on the front page, such as news posts, and comments on immigration from users. The menu is in a drop-down style, providing links to sub-menus. These menus can direct the visitor to information such as what the organisation does, their stances on how to treat immigrants, news, the issues caused by immigration, and offered solutions.

The organisation claims to be pro-immigration and anti-immigrant bashing, and say their focus is instead on controlling and decreasing the numbers of immigrants being allowed into the country. They specify - at the very end of the 'about' page - that they do not condone xenophobia or racism. The website includes a log on, and claims an open forum for discussion. Similar to ImmigrationWorks USA, it has a donate button, but uniquely it also offers an app version of the website.

Overall, the NumbersUSA website is more modern, with the page dimensions fitting a modern laptop, and the availability of an app, as well as the option for interactivity, makes the website more visually appealing, and appears more informative than the ImmigrationWorks USA website.

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